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Parotec Solutions T42V (42 Device | mobile cart)

Parotec Solutions T42V
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Parotec Solutions T42V
Parotec Solutions T42V
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    42 Chromebooks and laptops to be managed 

    For 11.6"-15" Laptops and Chromebooks 

    SMART timer

    Strong but light steel design 

    Cable management 

    built-in ventilation

    5"wheels with brakes

    Smooth, easy to clean surfaces

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Product information

The T42V model allows 42 Chromebooks or laptops to be charged using their own propietary chargers. The inside of the cart is facilitated with plug sockets allowing for any device with a plug adapter to be charged efficiently. 

This model features the programmable SMART Timer which allows you to specify the recharging-cycle that the trolley uses, and then switch off the unit after a certain period of time This helps to make the unit more energy efficient and also prolongs the battery life of devices.