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Equal IT

The parent partnership programme for 1:1 Chromebooks

Equal IT is a fully managed, parent partnership programme for 1:1 Chromebook deployments. It ensures students have equal access to the technology they need to support and enhance their learning experience, without using your school’s IT budget.

As a Google for Education Premier Partner we see first hand the changing ways in which lessons are delivered and how technology has become an ever more important tool for students to engage in their learning journey, both at school and at home.

We recognise the importance of students having equal access to technology has come at a time of growing pressures on school budgets. To meet this challenge we have launched Equal IT. Designed to ensure that technology equality can be delivered across all students.

How Equal IT works

For more information about Equal IT, download our useful guide or contact our team via email at [email protected] or call 01473 240470.

†The Equal IT programme is delivered by Freedom Tech Ltd., a technology finance company that works with organisations to provide them with innovative solutions to engage and empower their students. Freedom Tech Ltd. are an independent company and are not part of Getech Limited or any of its affiliated group companies. Before rolling out an Equal IT programme, you agree that you have relied on your own assessment in determining the suitability of the Equal IT programme for your organisation. Equal IT programmes are subject to the organisation passing Freedom Tech Limited’s credit criteria. All equipment is supplied by Getech Limited and their standard terms of business apply. All quotations are subject to credit and insurance approval via Freedom Tech and delivery of equipment is subject to agreeing to Getech Limited standard terms and conditions of sale found at

*One device per student. All orders are subject to school sign off prior to delivery.