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Parotec Solutions T36V (36 Device | mobile cart)

Parotec Solutions T36V
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Parotec Solutions T36V Parotec Solutions T36V
Parotec Solutions T36V
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    Accomodate 36 Chromebooks or laptops up to 15.6"

    Charge only 

    SMART charging system 

    Charged vertically within the cart 

    Locking service access door at the rear end of the cart

    Smooth, easy to clean surfaces 

    Ventilation system 

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Product information

The T36V is a safe and secure mobile cart that offers storage and charging for 36 Laptops and Chromebooks. Each bay has its own dedicated power socket and with the SMART charging sytem you can efficiently charge your devices, prolonging the battery life. Also with SMART comes the ability to choose when your devices charge on the programmable timer so if you have cheaper energy at night you can set it to charge then. 

The cart includes an efficient cable management system. There is individual slots for power adapters with wide space between outlets to accomodate mosst plug adapters, this will keep cables clean and organised . 

Slide-out shelves make placing and pulling devices easy, comfortable and safe. Eliminating the need to reach in, or pull devices out, the slide-out shelves also reduce potential damage. Doors fold back completely to allow easy access to devices and to save space.