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Going Google

The overall objective for choosing Google Apps for Education is to create a collaborative learning environment in the classroom using technology that is both cost efficient and engaging to students and teachers, delivered in a way that is both easy to manage and support. This is offered to schools or education authorities who are looking for a partner that can advise, train and support the school throughout the complete Google journey.


Getech can perform a school audit to confirm suitability


Getech can provide your school with a Chromebook pilot


Find out what going 1:1 would look like for your school


Allow Getech to continually optimise your Google Apps experience


Understanding what your school wants from its IT is where any decision process should start.

At Getech, we believe that time spent defining the teaching and learning objectives are key to the success of any deployment.

The journey to a technology-rich classroom has many facets: schools must build consensus on WHY, chart plans regarding HOW before making appropriate decisions on WHAT.

Getech can help schools in this key area by providing expertise in the use of technology in education across all key stage learning levels to ensure clear objectives are defined.


Proving the concept to ensure it will meet objectives is another key step when introducing technology into any school environment before final decisions are made.

Getech encourages schools to do just this by providing no obligation trials of classroom technology aimed at proving the environment, performance and tools are appropriate for their planned use before finalising full deployment into the school.

Getech will provide products and technical guidance at every step of a "pilot" to ensure that all of the original objectives can be met by the solution, ensuring that final decisions are made with the confidence needed by all of the stakeholders.



Getech have developed a number of best practices when it comes to deploying technology into schools. Our approach focuses on a structured roll-out that takes into account both the logistical implications as well as the user acceptance and adoption of the new technology.

From pre-shipment configuration services to the communication planning and training of early adopters, Getech can provide a whole set of complimentary components at all levels within a project roll-out.


The implementation of technology into schools is only the start of the journey.

Continual improvement of how it is used by the school is key to ensuring high levels of engagement by teachers and students alike. Getech provides schools with ongoing support and guidance on improved use of their technology way beyond the deployment. Examples include delivery of workshops which are aimed at senior leadership and are designed as workshops to help get the most out of integrating technology in the classroom and defining future use in achieving the schools objectives.

In addition, Getech deliver SAMR workshops which are designed to help teaching staff integrate technology into traditional lesson plans to ensure that the use of technology is relevant with today's classrooms and learning techniques.