What is a Chromebook?



I’m not a laptop. I’m not a netbook.
I’m a Chromebook.


All Chromebooks are powered by the Google Chrome operating system, an enhanced version of the largely popular internet browser.


All of your programmes are accessed through the web (or downloaded for use in offline mode), and all of your data is saved to the cloud, so there is no need for large amounts of hard drive space or RAM.




Saving you time! No Waiting
Chromebooks boot up in seconds and resume instantly.


And much less maintenance! No Maintenance
Chromebooks download and install security and software updates automatically so you don't have to.


Plus they're super secure! No Worries
Built-in security means you're safe from viruses and malware. You don't need to install security software on any Chromebook.

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Arrange A Free Chromebook Trial for Your School
We are able to offer your school a free Chromebook trial to allow you to evaluate the benefits in your own environment. Please click here to arrange a trial.



Chromebooks for Education

Why choose Chromebooks for education? Discover why schools are turning to this superior computing environment, that's easy to deploy, and easy to use.

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